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The Searcher - September 2023

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What’s new in this issue?

This month our exclusive cover feature is a lovely Roman gold aureus of Claudius. Lucky finder Robert Turrell recounts his emotions and events as they unfolded on the day of discovery.

Another highlight is Part 2 of Reis Atkins and Michael Hunt’s two Roman hoards found in Kent. Both finders were lucky enough to deliver the block-lifted hoards to the British Museum and then invited back to see the results of the micro-excavation.

Also in this issue, I interview Professor Michael Lewis, Head of PAS & Treasure, Daniel Spencer tests and suggests settings for the: Nokta Simplex Ultra and Legend, Minelab Manticore and X-Terra PRO and the XP Deus II in our annual Beach Detecting article and Gordon Heritage reviews the latest Manticore software update. Plus of course, there’s much much more!