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The searcher


The searcher


Searcher PRO-Secure Lanyard

Keep your pinpointer safe by using this handy heavy-duty retractable security lanyard. The metal wire cord extends to 80cm to aid easy target location with your pinpointer.

Simply clip it onto your finds bag, pouch or belt loop and attach it to the end of any pinpointer.

Made for searchers

Performance driven

Searcher finds case

Keep your finds safe when out in the field in this waterproof, shockproof and dustproof secure and padded finds case. Great for recording your finds on the go and for when posting your finds online.

It comes with a handy photo scale in the lid which provides you with instant sizing and recording.

The base ‘pick and pluck’ foam allows you to modify the capacity of the case to enable you to store various shaped artefacts.


beyond the page – onto the field

Searcher Water Bottle

Convenient with a carabiner for clipping onto your belt or rucksack this handy hard-wearing metallic bottle does the trick.

For cleaning finds in the field or quenching your thirst it’s a must in all weathers. Height 21cm Diameter 6.5cm 500ml single wall aluminium bottle. Black twist-on lid with carabiner clip. Not suitable for boiling water (see Searcher Detecting Thermos)

Made for searchers

Recover and Discover

August 2024


What’s new in this issue?

Our cover exclusive this month is an extremely impressive Medieval posnet in terrific condition. It was discovered by Malcolm Weale and Searcher Team members Robert Turrell and Tom Lucking were able to go and record and report on its excavation.

Other highlights are one of the first single coin finds to be classed under the new Treasure Act Significant category. It’s an Alfred the Great penny, importantly uncovered in south Wales which makes it highly significant. The Stalbridge Hoard was nominated as one of our Nations’ Greatest Finds and has recently been acquired by the Dorset Museum. Finder John Belgrove recounts from the day of discovery to visiting the hoard in the museum.