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The Searcher - May 2024

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What’s new in this issue?

Our exclusive cover story this month is an Anglo Saxon aestel (or pointer) discovered in Hampshire. Finder Greg Livermore recounts the day he unearthed it and a weak later a Celtic stater.

Other exclusives are what is thought to be a gold Post Medieval dress fitting recovered by Phil Lowery, a rare Danelaw coin of Guthrum from East Anglia, Pete Anning researches a common detecting find made of lead and Robert Turrell reports on a Charity rally in Norfolk organised by the WDS group.

If you own a Manticore then you may be interested in Daniel Spencer’s Searcher settings to maximise your searches and there’s also Part 8 of Adrian Marsden's series on 17th century traders tokens. Of course, there’s much more besides in this edition to inform and inspire you.

The Searcher - May 2024
The Searcher - May 2024 Sale price£5.25