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The Searcher - March 2023

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What’s new in this issue?

 Exclusively on the cover is Charlie Clarke’s breathtaking Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon pendant. I’ve known about this pendant since 2019 and have been itching to share this magnificent find with you. Charlie recounts the memorable discovery, FLO Teresa Gilmore describes the recording of the pendant and finally Dr Rachel King’s summarised report. Also exclusively Jim Mather retells his discovery of what seems to be a unique Anglo Saxon silver brooch and Woburn Detecting Store group uncovers yet another hoard, this time of Early Medieval gold coins in Norfolk. Lastly, we have a field test for the new Minelab Equinox 900 (which also discusses the 700 too) by Gordon Heritage. There is of course so much more to inform and inspire inside the covers of this issue.