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The Searcher - June 2024

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What’s new in this issue?

Our cover EXCLUSIVE is a gold Anarevitos stater, the second only known, discovered by John White who was also featured last month with a Trophy type quarter stater. Only one other Anarevitos stater is known which is on display in the British Museum but this is struck with different dies.

Other highlights are a hoard of staters found on a History Hunters dig and reported on by Pete Husky Anning. There are also two super denarii recovered by Liam Argent, Dominic Chorney looks at ‘Hoards in context’ with the Ibberton Hoard and Alan Gray recounts two gold finds he’s recently unearthed, one of which is a lovely Early Medieval gold terminal.

 Elsewhere within this edition Mike Sinclair’s Part 1 of ‘Detecting the Romans’ looks at some of the items he’s recovered from that period. In ‘X Marks the Cross’ Ted Fletcher researches the significance of the cross on items from ancient to modern, Adrian Marsden continues his series of 17th Century tokens and in Field Techniques, Daniel Spencer looks at Nokta Legend Searcher Program & Beast Mode V1.14. 


The Searcher - June 2024
The Searcher - June 2024 Sale price£5.25